How does Green Relish work?

We’re so glad you asked. Go Green Relish is a lifestyle search engine that supports and connects the green community to only all-natural and organic foods, products, and services. The demand for organics has grown louder in the last several years, branching out from all-natural food to include nearly every type of good or service [...]

What does Organic really mean?

“Organic” simply means “Natural.” These days, nearly everything is enhanced, modified, helped along to be bigger, better, brighter, etc. At Go Green Relish, we prefer all-natural. The organic produce we help you find is grown using environmentally-friendly practices, untouched by pesticides or chemical fertilizers; and the organic meat, egg, and dairy products are never fed [...]

How do I know it’s Organic?

For produce and food, the USDA monitors facilities to ensure that certain safe practices and health guidelines are followed. If a piece of fresh produce has a “USDA Organic” sticker, it is safe to assume that no pesticides, antibiotics, fertilizers, and GMOs were used on the farm where it was grown. Some packaged foods may [...]

Why Go Organic?

There are so many great reasons! Some folks go green for the planet, others for their children and other future generations; some choose the organic lifestyle for their health. What you put into your body affects how it works, looks, and feels. The cleaner your fuel, the cleaner your health, and the better you’ll feel. [...]

Where can I learn more about the Organic lifestyle?

Right here! To start living clean, use our unique search feature to find organic food, clothing, beauty, and household products. It’s what Go Green Relish was born to do. In the meantime, here are a few informational resources to help you learn all about going green. Welcome! Organic Labeling The Organic Trade Association The Organic [...]

Why Choose Organic Products?

It’s a hefty undertaking, with a lot of moving parts. Not only must the ingredients of the organic cleaners, sustainable clothing, all-natural beauty products, etc. be responsibly sourced, but the process of combining it all and packaging it for sale must also remain pure. The goal is to produce the same (or higher) quality product [...]

Why Choose Organic Produce?

Organic farmers must spend up to 3 years converting their soil quality and processes before their products can be considered 100% organic. It takes time and it’s an investment - animals must have organic feed, land to roam, and shelter under which to sleep - and many farmers commit simply for the greater good. With [...]

Does Organic Cost More?

Just as with fast food and fine dining, quality typically comes at a price. While the green lifestyle shouldn’t break the bank, you may find yourself spending a bit more for the Organic label. This is due to the sustainable, responsible, environmentally-friendly methods in which these products are grown, raised, manufactured, or produced. The purveyors [...]